Spiralling in Control

It is easy to feel as though the world is spiralling out of control, that we’re caught in a downward spiral of our own making. This downward spiral is, curiously, caused by positive feedback loops. A positive feedback loop is when the result of an action tends to drive more of the same action. Positive feedback

Heroes Inspired by Nature

In nature, all design is sustainable design. This applies to nature’s products and process, of course, but it also applies to nature’s leadership models and organizational structures. For this reason, biomimicry is woven throughout our MA in Sustainable Design (MASD) program as a framework, as a tool, as a set of case studies, and as

Your magic wand?

The students, faculty, and alumni of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program had the opportunity to interview leading thinkers and do-ers in the world of sustainability that were invited to speak at SB18. Each interview revolved around six questions, which led to engaging and inspiring discussions.  Of these six, I felt that one of the most

Sustainable Brands meets Sustainable Design

The end of the semester usually brings a welcome break for students, but the ever-eager students, alumni, and faculty of the MA in Sustainable Design (MASD) program are not slowing down.  Instead, they are interviewing over 40 speakers of the upcoming Sustainable Brands conference to learn about the inspiring people behind the bold sustainability movements.

Youth Fashion Summit 2018

Ellie Cotlar graduated with an MA in Sustainable Design this spring, but missed the graduation ceremony because she was on her way to Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in the Youth Fashion Summit (YFS).  MA in Sustainable Design students Adja Mesic, Allison Hendricks, Aoife Fahey, also attended the concurrent Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The partnership between Youth

When Guiding Stars Collide

At different times, in different places, and for different reasons, each followed her guiding star. Those stars led to a love of nature, then careers in graphic design, and then to the MCAD Sustainable Design program where eventually their stars collided and formed Humbleweed Creative. Ask one of the partners at Humbleweed Creative what brought

Sustainable Design Tools, Toils, and Tales

Join us for two fantastic events offered by MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design at Design Week Portland!   Panel Discussion   Join us Friday evening April 20 for the panel Sustainable Design Tools, Toils, and Tales: Lessons from MCAD MA in Sustainable Design Alumni Designers face a number of competing and compelling demands. They must balance

“Doing my dream job!!!”

It was one of those emails that reminds you why you do what you do. Last week I received an email from Dawn Keene, a 2013 graduate of the MA in Sustainable Design program,  that said:     Hi Denise,          Just wanted to share with you.           I had