Annika Bergen

BA Environmental Studies + Economics


Annika Bergen currently works as a health care consultant, focused on improving cost transparency and member access to support through online and mobile applications. She earned degrees in Environmental Studies and Economics from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, and has lived in the Twin Cities area since graduation. Annika strongly believes in the need for greater integration of natural design and sustainable processes within urban centers and corporate/business settings. She chose to pursue an MA in Sustainable Design to learn more about this field and explore opportunities to become involved in these types of systemic transformations. Annika enjoys doing yoga and running around the lakes to balance her other favorite past times of baking, eating ice cream, and movie marathons. Annika is based in Minnesota.

Thesis title: Wedding Venue Sustainability: Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Weddings Through the Creation of an Eco-Wedding Association and Venue Sustainability Certification

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