Brandon Meyer

BA in Anthropology from NC State University

Brandon Meyer graduated Summa Cum Laude from NC State University with a BA in Anthropology. He has worked as a web designer, graphic designer, ethnographer and is an aspiring design researcher and member of the Design Research Society. Brandon’s area of interest has been in merging codesign practices and actor network theory frameworks as a new line of speculative inquiry and ontological engagement with proposed futures. Exploring the resultant configurations and implications of emerging practices, meaning-making, issue formation, participation, and socio-material assemblages as matters of concern in rich moments of situated, and collaboratively-driven, change and innovation.
Inherent in every design project that Brandon envisions is an aspiration not only for more participatory design processes and outcomes, but also for sustainability as a pathway of community resilience and ecological equilibrium. In seeking a Master’s in Sustainable Design, Brandon’s goal is to become adept at design research and practices related to the investigation, creation, and validation of models of sustainability that seek to enhance human systems by better understanding the broader socio-ecological contexts in which they exist and to facilitate the transition of our society towards processes, systems, and designed artifacts that are in equilibrium with the natural environment.

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