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We are delighted to welcome our new cohort of students beginning their 2-year journey to complete their Master of Arts in Sustainable Design (MASD) degree through MCAD. The MASD is a fully online degree that enjoys students and faculty that hail from around the globe. Our Fall 2015 cohort is truly multidisciplinary with students representing

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Vibrant Leadership Workshop

MASD faculty, Denise DeLuca, who is the instructor for our Creative Leadership course (will be offered again in spring 2016) and her partners from Vibrant OS are offering a 5-month innovation and leadership workshop that begins September 30. With the help of MASD alum, Shari Welsh, they are partnering with Sustainable Seattle and University of


Fall 2015 Application Deadline: June 1

Peeps! Are you planning on applying for admission to MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program for Fall 2015? If so, get those apps in! Deadline to apply for Fall is June 1, 2015. Learn more about the program Pre-register for the next monthly informational webinar about our fully online MASD program to be


Visit Us at LivingFuture 2015

How would nature design adaptive human communities? Lessons from the super organism. Denise DeLuca (MCAD SD faculty),  Ilaria Mazzoleni and Tamsin Woolley-Barker will share an aspirational session that explores how human communities can find inspiring new models of social planning and architectural organization from ultra-social creatures like ants, honeybees, and mycelial fungi, and the ecosystems


Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Wendy Jedlička (CPP, MIM) is a front-line sustainable packaging designer. We recently caught up with her to discuss her fully online course devoted to the subject, Making the Business Case for Sustainability. SDO: What is your class about and who is it for? Wendy: The class is about diving into the innovation advantages business schools

MASD Apply Now

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  Want to join the MASD program? We are currently accepting applications from prospective students for this 100% online program devoted to sustainability-focused design. Deadline to apply for Spring 2015 entrance is November 1, 2014. Spring semester begins January 20, 2015. Contact us Contact sustainable_design[at]mcad.edu for more information.   Learn more Cindy Gilbert from MCAD

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MASD Webinar: October 21 @7pm CT

Hear ye, hear ye… Join Cindy Gilbert, director of MCAD’s Sustainable Design Program, for a 1-hr informational webinar about the fully online Master of Arts in Sustainable Design degree offered by MCAD. Webinar is scheduled for October 21 @7pm CT. Cindy promises to field all questions at that time! Just try to stump her Sign


Graphic Designers and Emerging Sustainability Roles

The role of graphic designers is shifting. No longer seen solely as the producers of aesthetic “things”, graphic designers are being valued for their problem-solving skills and ability to help businesses strategize. At the same time, both designers and the clients they serve are increasingly expected to consider issues of sustainability and take responsibility for


Nate Hagens @MCAD

MCAD SD faculty member, Krista Leraas, arranged for MCAD’s sustainable design program to sponsor ecological economist, Dr. Nate Hagens, as a guest speaker held at the MCAD Auditorium on July 10, 2014. Nate is a well-known speaker on the big picture issues facing human society. Until recently he was lead editor of The Oil Drum, one


Raising the Bar to Restorative

Net zero. Carbon neutral. Zero impact. Sustainable. These buzzwords and concepts have come to represent the highest levels of innovation within our built and designed environments. Or have they? It turns out that they have not, that a new wave of development is pioneering beyond them into the restorative, net positive space. Restorative development leapfrogs