Heroes Inspired by Nature

In nature, all design is sustainable design. This applies to nature’s products and process, of course, but it also applies to nature’s leadership models and organizational structures. For this reason, biomimicry is woven throughout our MA in Sustainable Design (MASD) program as a framework, as a tool, as a set of case studies, and as

MCAD’s MFAs focus on Sustainability

MCAD’s MFA Thesis Exhibition is the culminating exhibition of graduating Master of Fine Arts candidates. As promised, visitors could see “work that encourages contemplation and conversation while surprising and delighting in the mastery of materials”.  I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the work of two artists: Sishir Bommakanti and Sherry Muyuan

Sustainable Brands meets Sustainable Design

The end of the semester usually brings a welcome break for students, but the ever-eager students, alumni, and faculty of the MA in Sustainable Design (MASD) program are not slowing down.  Instead, they are interviewing over 40 speakers of the upcoming Sustainable Brands conference to learn about the inspiring people behind the bold sustainability movements.

Youth Fashion Summit 2018

Ellie Cotlar graduated with an MA in Sustainable Design this spring, but missed the graduation ceremony because she was on her way to Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in the Youth Fashion Summit (YFS).  MA in Sustainable Design students Adja Mesic, Allison Hendricks, Aoife Fahey, also attended the concurrent Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The partnership between Youth

Congrats 2018 MASD grads!!

We are proud to announce our newest MA in Sustainable Design graduates:  Annika Bergen and Ellie Cotlar! These MASD students graduated Saturday, May 12, 2018. Annika Bergen’s thesis was titled: Wedding Venue Sustainability: Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Weddings Through the Creation of an Eco-Wedding Association and Venue Sustainability Certification (Advisor: Holly Robbins) Ellie Cotlar’s

FREE! 4-Week Online Biomimicry Course

The best things in life are free. Going outside is free. Connecting with nature is free.  And now, learning a sustainable design methodology based on nature’s functional strategies is free! We are happy to announce that MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program is once again partnering with Canvas.net to offer the 4-week online

Hubris or Humility?

The human brain is the pinnacle of evolution – or so we humans like to think. Our highly evolved brains provide us with the apparently unique capacity for self-awareness, to understand abstract concepts such as humanity, hubris, and humility.  This capacity also provides us with the ability — and awesome responsibility — to choose how


Biomimicry + Space

The practice of biomimicry has strong supporters in NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Their work includes many notable examples of bio-inspired design that include tensegrity robots, evolved antennas, gecko grippers and sensing based on a fly’s eye. This interest became more tangible when a group at NASA Glenn Research Center started a biomimicry focused


Hello, Denise? Welcome!

As my final post to the blog (sniff), I sat down with Denise DeLuca -the new Sustainable Design program director at MCAD– to capture her thoughts about this new chapter in her career. I know she is going to do an excellent job and wish her and the program the best for the future. Cindy:


The Thing About BHAGs

Happy new year! After 7.5 years I am passing the MASD director baton to my successor, Denise DeLuca. I couldn’t be more delighted with my replacement who is a longtime colleague, friend and instructor in the MASD program. She has the experience, know how and passion to take the program to the next level. I

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