Co-Creating and Re-Aligning

I teach Biomimetic Design (the technical side of sustainable design) and Creative Leadership (the social side of sustainable design) for MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design (MASD) Program. Without taking either of these classes, Stefanie Koehler (MASD ’13) managed to design a technically innovative biomimetic water purifier along with a bio-inspired social enterprise for

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Informational Webinar about MA in Sustainable Design Program

Learn about the new and improved MA in Sustainable Design program at MCAD. Join Cindy Gilbert, director of MCAD’s Sustainable Design Program, for a 1-hr informational webinar about the fully online Master of Arts in Sustainable Design degree offered by MCAD. We’ve been listening to our students and alumni, and are excited about the big


VentureWell Faculty Spotlight

Post originally published on the VentureWell blog on July 5, 2016. I had the honor to be interviewed by VentureWell recently. Now you can learn more about MCAD’s relationship with VentureWell through this bit of shameless self-promotion. There are many entrepreneurship educators within the VentureWell network that are creating a positive impact in the innovation


Lessons from a Pea Pod

Do you remember the SunChips bag redesign revolution? Or perhaps you remember hearing the chip bag itself, because of the excessively loud, crinkling noises generated by Frito-Lay’s innovative, 100% compostable packaging. Disappointingly, after years of design, prototyping, testing and marketing, Frito-Lay hushed the eco-friendly bag campaign because it is causing too much noise. Literally. What

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40 Trillion Cans

WASTE. The sheer volume of waste in the world is staggering. Our addiction to cheap, disposable goods and the ‘buy-use-toss’ cycle is frightening. The ~$12 billion value of waste is heartbreaking. The prediction that, by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish, by weight, in the ocean is down right depressing. On that note,


The Power of Design

Do you listen to the TED Radio Hour on NPR? It is a great podcast. In a recent episode –The Power of Design– was dedicated to a few fascinating aspects of design from past TED speakers and renowned designers and design thinkers. Design is all around us, but much of it could be better, bolder,


Permaculture Workshop Series: Starts June 7

This summer Continuing Education at MCAD is offering a three part Permaculture Workshop Series. Participants will meet three Tuesday evenings in June and will be led by Dan Halsey, certified permaculture designer and expert in agro-ecosystems and edible forest gardens. The Permaculture Workshop Series will introduce participants to permaculture principles, ethics, lifestyle and sustainable practices.


What is Biomimicry, Anyway?

This humorous take on biomimicry was originally written and published by Grist on May 1, 2016. Let’s play a game. It’s called “Who made it?” and it goes like this: I’ll describe a series of objects, and you guess who made them. If you guess all of them correctly, there will be a special prize


Fall 2016 Deadline Approaching

The FINAL deadline for applications to the MASD program for Fall 2016 semester is June 1. Big changes Did you know? We’re moving to a 2-semester per year program (no classes during summer) and we are moving from 36 to 30 credits (that is over $6,500 worth of tuition cost savings!). Don’t miss your chance


Do You Really Know Packaging?

You touch it every day, but do you really know packaging? We’ve all done it, purchased a product because of, or in spite of, the packaging. A great package can get a consumer to buy almost any product at least once. But what do you really know about packaging? To most people packaging is simply

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