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The demand for skilled sustainability practitioners has grown exponentially in the past three decades. As businesses, nonprofits, and governments worldwide have adopted sustainability-focused practices, the need for professionals with the expertise to guide them has never been greater.

To build sustainability professionals’ credibility in the eyes of clients, colleagues, employers, and the public, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) developed standards of practice for sustainability professionals.

MA in Sustainable Design faculty member Wendy Jedlička,  — CPP, ISSP-SA,  IoPP Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional, certified ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA), and president of Jedlička Design — has developed a course to help you become an ISSP-SA.  This course will help prepare professionals applying sustainability to their industries for the ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) exam

This course is open to students ages 18 and above.

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To learn more about MCAD’s fully online MA in Sustainable Design program, click here!  Also please join our next informational webinar on September 20.

Denise DeLuca / Former Director

Denise DeLuca is the Director of MCAD’s Sustainable Design program. She was co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry Creative for Innovation, a network of creative professional change agents driving ecological thinking for radical transformation. Denise is author of the book Re-Aligning with Nature: Ecological Thinking for Radical Transformation, which was illustrated by MASD alum Stephanie Koehler. She also teaches with the Amani Institute.

Denise’s previous roles include Education Director for the International Living Future Institute, Project Manager for Swedish Biomimetics 3000, and Outreach Director for The Biomimicry Institute. Denise is a licensed civil engineer (PE) and holds a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering with a focus on modeling landscape-scale surface and groundwater interactions.  In addition, Denise is a Biomimicry Fellow and a member of the Advisory Council of The Biomimicry InstituteBoard Member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), on the editorial board of the Journal of Bionic Engineering, and an Expert with Katerva. Denise is based in Oregon.

contact:  [email protected]