The Shape of Nature

Designs can be patterned after nature and Bucky Fuller embraced this idea. “To [Buckminster] Fuller, a great technology had already been at work for millions of years — Nature. To look at the way “she” designs the universe was to unlock the most useful direction one could take in designing the artifacts that would make



Spring came early this year for the MASD program. Although Minneapolis is shattering historical records for extreme winter weather without any sign of spring in sight, we are tickled to announce the rebirth of the MCAD Sustainable Design blog in all of its colorful glory. For us, our blog redesign is like the first intrepid


Happy Holidays!

Classes just ended. Final grades have been submitted. Final meetings have taken place. The calm after the storm of the semester is beginning to descend upon the school. Take this between-semester breather to slow down, hit the brakes a bit, relax, recharge, unwind, reflect, and play. We wish you and yours much peace and happiness

What is Sustainability?

This has turned out to be one of the most difficult questions ever posed. In theory it should be a simple answer – living in a way that allows us to continue into the future. In reality however, sustainability is incomprehensibly complex. Is it about people? Yes. Is it about nature and biodiversity? You bet.

Best in Sustainability ’11

Happy new year! Here is a recap of our top blog posts from 2011. Susan Crow, MCAD SDO alum, shared what it’s like to build a sustainable luxury brand from the bottom up in her piece Eco=Lux Jewelery. Published October 2011. “Real luxury is knowing the jewelry you are wearing is as ethical as it


Faculty Focus: Info Design for Sustainability

This past summer I had the opportunity to present at the International Institute of Information Design’s (IIID) GreenID conference in Vienna. While there I was struck by the phrase, “context brings understanding.” As information designers, we seek to clarify complex information. And sustainability is certainly a topic area that involves a lot of complexities in

Cindy’s Sustainability in 7: Advice from the Road.

You may have caught many of the Sustainability in 7 video series that Core77 ran earlier this year. I decided to create my own based on what I learned from my recent 1000 mile cycling road trip for sustainability called Ride the Talk. 1. Make a plan, then change it. My ride really taught me

Sustainability Alive in Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood, South Dakota, is the final resting place for Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, and has more buried residents than unburied ones, yet it is unearthing new ways to breathe life into its sustainability efforts. Deadwood was founded in 1870 (illegally) to host the onslaught of gold miners that flocked to work in the

Freedom from Stuff

After 25 miles of grinding my way through the Black Hills region, I stopped off at 120-year old store in Aladdin, Wyoming (Pop. 15). I wandered around the jam-packed mercantile that felt more like an attic than a store where everything from snacks, to antique milk glass dinnerware and, as a hand-written sign boasted, a

Somewhere in Nowhere

About 150 miles south of Miles City lies a place, “conveniently located in the middle of no place.” It’s called Alazada, Montana, and is home to the Stoneville Saloon and not much else (there is also a convenience store and post office). The Saloon is a place that one must really visit in person to

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