Student Spotlight: Wear What You Eat

Last spring I was invited to participate in Cittadellarte’s (City of Art) University of Ideas (UNIDEE) thanks to a grant from Fondazione Zegna. I was eager to examine sustainability in the context of the Italian luxury fashion industry and I am pleased to share a two-part post about my experiences. This second installment of my


Alumni Focus: Eco = Lux Jewelry Design

Paradigm shift: how systems thinking shifted a designer’s vision Creating a sustainable luxury jewelry brand involves a bit more than just using reclaimed or recycled metals and following the Kimberly Process for your gemstone supply chain. It requires a paradigm shift to one’s attitude by using holistic systems thinking at the beginning of the design


Celery + Living Principles = Sustainable Graphic Design

Design: A Powerful Conduit for Change Celery Design Collaborative’s cutting-edge green design and brand strategy is proving that sustainability can have both a positive impact on the world and be good for business. With over 10 years of experience working with industry leaders in corporate responsibility, clean tech, organic foods, renewable energy and community development,


7 Handy Tips to Change the World

Wendy Jedlička, MCAD Sustainable Design Online program faculty, offers sound advice on “leaving the campsite better than you found it.” From simply being open to epiphanies to systems thinking, Jedlička covers the whole range of sustainability on the individual scale. Wendy’s 7 tips: Be open to epiphanies. Make it personal. Get pissed off. Learn. It’s


Alumni Update: Alumni Talk About Careers in Sustainability

Casting Seeds Part 3 In these trying economic times, people want to know, “will investing in a sustainable design education make me more competitive in the job market?” Despite the fact that “sustainability” is a buzzword, and although some may think it’s a fad, the impact of the graduates of the Minneapolis College of Art


Alumni Spotlight: Alumni Talk About Careers in Sustainability

Casting Seeds Part 2 In Part 2 of the “Casting Seeds” series we’ll meet Rita Penrod, a Designer and Sustainability Consultant for FourFive Sustainable Design based in Minneapolis, MN, who graduated from the program with a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Design. Read an article authored by Rita Penrod earlier this year about her experience in


Casting Seeds Part 1: Alumni Talk About Careers in Sustainability

In Part 1 of the “Casting Seeds” series we’ll meet Rudy Ruggles, President of Collaborative Innovation Services, a consultancy that helps organizations use the tools and principles of sustainability to create innovative solutions to strategic and organizational challenges. Rudy is based in Boston, MA, and graduated from MCAD’s Sustainable Design program with a Professional Certificate

Do Work You Love

You know those times when something amazing has the potential to happen? When you’re just on the cusp of a significant opportunity? You know it’ll change your life; you can just sense it. In order to make it happen you attempt to control the uncontrollable by hoping, praying, asking the Universe, refraining from talking about

Get a Life, Get a Career

About midway through the double-zero decade I decided that I needed to enhance my skills and move in a direction that would give me a possible edge over other designers and creative directors. What I got was a life AND career changing experience. The MCAD Sustainable Design Program isn’t just for people who want to

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