Want to be a genius? Or maybe simply achieve those pesky goals that slip out of your grasp? How can you stick to it, even when it gets tough? Listen to this Freakonomics Radio podcast to learn more about how “effort and grit means most” in getting what you want and achieving success in your


Faculty Focus: MASD Director Goes to Antarctica

This fall Cindy Gilbert, director of MCAD’s master of arts in sustainable design program, joined a small team that is working on a multi-year, multi-million dollar documentary about the life of Adélie penguins. Based at a remote field site in Antarctica, the team of four spent three weeks capturing the migration of the penguins from


A Commitment to Curiosity

Take a page from science: be curious and keep an open mind. It’s good for the planet and it’s people. We at the MASD program are grateful for this planet and all it’s wonders, and for each of you. Happy thanksgiving. Learn more about this idea from The Brain Scoop (an incredible science vlog broadcast


Permaculture Workshop Series: Starts June 7

This summer Continuing Education at MCAD is offering a three part Permaculture Workshop Series. Participants will meet three Tuesday evenings in June and will be led by Dan Halsey, certified permaculture designer and expert in agro-ecosystems and edible forest gardens. The Permaculture Workshop Series will introduce participants to permaculture principles, ethics, lifestyle and sustainable practices.

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Student Spotlight: Eco-Leader

Congrats go to Shannon Reece, MA in Sustainable Design student, who was the featured Eco-Leader for the National Wildlife Federation last month. Shannon recently returned from a trip to Africa in March with his daughter. He was visiting an area he previously lived and worked for three years. Shannon achieved his goal to meet with


Creative Leadership

Denise DeLuca (MA in SD faculty) is an experienced biomimicry educator who devotes much of her time to challenging the way professionals think and act as leaders, from business executives to designers. We recently caught up with her to discuss her unique career as well as her fully online course devoted to the subject of


Buy Nothing Day

I love Thanksgiving but I despise the fact that this amazing day to give thanks for what we already have is paired with the most consumerist day of the year, Black Friday. I have long begrudged the overwhelm of stuff: the money, the space, the time, the responsibility… But, ’tis the season, right? Or is

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I adore hiking and camping. Even when warm summer weather turns to arctic conditions overnight (this just happened to me last week!). I’ve been camping since I was born and try to make an effort to get out on an extended backpacking trip at least once a year. I just had the pleasure of a

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Vibrant Leadership Workshop

MASD faculty, Denise DeLuca, who is the instructor for our Creative Leadership course (will be offered again in spring 2016) and her partners from Vibrant OS are offering a 5-month innovation and leadership workshop that begins September 30. With the help of MASD alum, Shari Welsh, they are partnering with Sustainable Seattle and University of


Faculty Focus: OMG, I’m Pissed

In the 5 years that I have been curating this blog, I have never used this forum as a means to push my personal agenda or to vent. I apologize because this post (and series to follow?) may be the exception. Please bear with me; this will go somewhere useful, I promise. Although I’ve bicycled

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