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Faculty Focus: No Remorse

If you haven’t done so already, check out my recent interview about my path as a sustainable designer and my spring 2012 class, Packaging Sustainability. In question #1, I was asked, “What spurred you to become a sustainable designer?” In my answer, I shared a snippet from my personal eco-epiphany. Here’s the whole story. Every

Packaging Sustainability

Wendy Jedlička (CPP, MIM) is a front-line sustainable packaging designer. We recently caught up with her to discuss her career in eco-friendly packaging as well as her fully online course devoted to the subject, Packaging Sustainability. The course begins January 17, 2012 and registration is open. This is a 15-week course that is part of

Alumni Update: Heroes + Habits

How does one present the concept of sustainable design to a diverse audience ranging from designers to business executives? Brian Dougherty of Celery Design Collaborative knows how: mix eye candy with substance. (To watch Brian Dougherty’s entire Green Drinks//Living Principles presentation, click here.) On October 12th, AIGA Minnesota’s sustainable design initiative, reDesign, welcomed Brian to Minneapolis


7 Billion Shades of Green

Have you ever selected a product over its compatriot simply because it is seems, or perhaps even touts, being “green?” How about eco? Biodegradable? Organic? Remember ozone friendly? If you’re at all like me then you likely have. Lately though, I have become very skeptical about what is truly good for the planet and it’s

Nature as Packaging Mentor, Model and Measure

Walk down any market aisle and you will be awash in a sea of packaging. Colorful boxes shout persuasive slogans while blister packs foil even the most determined of curious fingers. Take a walk outside and remarkably the experience is quite similar. Colorful berries announce their ripeness while spiky pinecones keep their seeds safe from

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