Introducing Climate Designers

Student Spotlight

A New Kind of Designer

As we have now had time to settle into our own private spaces, create new socially-distant routines, and get nostalgic about pre-COVID grocery shopping sans face masks, I believe individuals have a heightened awareness  of how their daily personal choices affect businesses, people, and the planet.  

  • Air pollution around the globe has cleared so much that it has allowed residents across the globe from Los Angeles to Punjab, India to see mountain ranges otherwise covered in smog for the first time in decades [source, source].
  • Consumers are seeking out local products within their community as concerns grow about those originating in countries where COVID-19 has spread [source].  
  • With so many stay-at-home orders in effect, consumers are left to deal with the increased amount of packaging waste from food, take-out meals, and online delivery orders. According to a recent U.S. sales analysis, products that advertised “less packaging” and “recyclable packaging” saw an increase in sales upwards of 100% compared to last year [source]. 

 We, as designers and creative problem solvers, have a responsibility and opportunity to shape a sustainable future, post-COVID. In order to lead with greater influence, we can strategically use this downtime to build strong design communities and develop a collective plan for climate action together. To connect with others who have the same vision, and to add back in a little more “social” to our “distancing”, I would like to warmly introduce and welcome you to join the Climate Designer’s Mighty Network to meet like-minded professionals working on climate action and to inspire, encourage, and grow your network. 

What is & who are Climate Designers?

Climate Designers is an initiative to encourage designers from any discipline to use their creative talents towards addressing our climate crisis. Whether you work on climate full-time, incorporate sustainable or regenerative practices within a company, volunteer on the side, or teach at a design school, we are calling all designers to step up and take climate action. 

The website will be dedicated to showcasing designers working on our climate crisis as well as providing resources such as job postings and educational materials for design instructors.

We are calling all designers from all industries and disciplines, working in-house or at a small studio, full-time or freelance, to use their creative talents to address our climate crisis.


  1. To encourage and empower designers to use their creative talents for climate action.
  2. To inspire, motivate, and graduate climate designers by providing climate-focused resources for design educators.

How you can be a part of the movement

Join the Mighty Network Community

No matter where in the world you are, each of you can join (for free!) the Climate Designer’s Mighty Network to meet like-minded professionals working on climate action and to be inspired, encouraged, and grow your network. JOIN TODAY

Come (virtually!) To a City-Specific Event

If you want to connect live with others (virtually for the time being!), Climate Designers chapters across the globe are hosting Virtual Monthly Meet Ups for 7 cities including San Francisco, NYC, Boston, LA, Chicago,  Bangalore and now the Twin Cities.  Find Your City’s Event Here

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, join local host Sarah Hummel,  for the first virtual meet-up Monday, May 4th at 6:30pm | For more event details and to grab your (free!) ticket, head to Climate Designers Meetup: Twin Cities on Eventbrite!

Sarah Rose Hummel is a seasoned, retail design professional, fusing mass-market retail knowledge with sustainable design principles. As a current MCAD MASD student, she is passionate about creating actionable environmental & social change through her design process and is energized by building community networks.


Sarah Hummel

Since graduating MCAD in 2011 with a BFA in Illustration, Sarah has been a Senior Creative for a Minneapolis-based retail consulting firm, bringing strategic shopping experiences and compelling brand stories to life for mass retail. She is also an active Sustainability Advocate, passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle. Leading by example, she is a plant-based home cook with a minimalist mindset and a founding member of a local zero waste community group, Trash Talk MN.
Sarah enjoys educating through community outreach and teaching as a repeat guest speaker on the importance of sustainable design in mass retail for an MCAD Future’s class.
Upon completing the MASD program, Sarah is excited to lead sustainability initiatives for companies and brands making a positive impact in the world and wants to provide industry-leading, circular design solutions for the consumer product goods market.