Leyla Acaroglu @MCAD

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


We are pleased to announce that sustainability strategist and Life Cycle Analysis guru, Leyla Acaroglu, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, will be co-teaching Collaborative Product Design at MCAD this fall along with Jeremy Faludi.

Leyla has a stellar history as a sustainability leader and has been involved in numerous creative and bleeding-edge sustainability projects through her organization Eco Innovators. She has developed an award-winning, animated educational series called the Secret Life of Things to help consumers understand (through humor) the impacts of their behavior, and she’s graced the TED stage too. Watch her recent TED talk (below) about the debate around Plastic vs. Paper and environmental folklore.

Engage one-on-one with Leyla

We are currently accepting requests to join the Collaborative Product Design course at MCAD this fall. Leyla will be co-teaching the course with Jeremy Faludi. This is a 15-week course that is offered fully online and is corporate sponsored. Virtual teams of students work together to innovate real-world redesigns of products that are currently on the market. Teams use Life Cycle Analysis and biomimicry (as well as other tools) to arrive at innovate, sustainable solutions that are then pitched to companies. The course begins on September 2. We currently have 8 seats in the class remaining.

Email sustainable_design[at]mcad.edu if you are interested in learning more about joining this course.

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Image courtesy of Leyla Acaroglu