Nature by the Numbers


Nature is inspiring in innumerable ways, but who’s counting.

If you are inspired by numbers (as well as by nature), you might enjoy this list of numbers inspired by nature.

10 sextillion:  The number of atoms of air you take into your body with each breath

1,000,000,000: The number of bacteria in one teaspoon of soil

7,500,000:  The number of  different life forms estimated to exist on earth

1,500,000:  The number of ants on the planet for each human being

1,200,000: The number of life forms that have been identified by science

12,000:  The number of species of ants that are known to exist

5,000:  The number of different species of bacteria represented in one teaspoon of soil

99.9:  The percentage of all species that have ever lived on earth that are now extinct

>50:  The percentage of cells in your body that are not human cells.

4:  The number of elements it takes to account for 99% of all biomass on earth  (C,H, O, and N)

4:  The number of base pairs found in DNA, which contains the instructions needed to create all of the complexity, biodiversity, and functionality of life on earth

1 to 1:  The mass of all ants living on earth compared to that of all humans

1:  The number of years it takes for you to breathe in oxygen molecules exhaled by every person alive, as well as by everyone who ever lived

1:  The number of species on earth that relies on fossil fuels


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