Anita Nowak

PhD / McGill University

Anita Nowak holds a doctoral degree from McGill University where she was named Professor of the Year in 2015 and 2019. She’s held a variety of leadership and advisory roles within the private and non-profit sectors and has served as a volunteer for many social purpose organizations over the past 15 years, both locally and internationally.  Anita is based in Montreal.

Anita in a Few Words:
Subject matter expert on empathy and social impact.
Emotionally intelligent leader and industrious team player.
Successful co-creator of innovative programs and initiatives.
Natural-born connector of like-spirited people and forger of meaningful partnerships for impact.
Earnest champion of people’s goals and dreams and the achievement of their potential.
Outstanding communicator and integrative thinker who values integrity and inclusivity.
Visionary educator committed to sustainability and social justice.