Caitlin Voss

B.S. Community Health, Minor in Gerontology | St. Cloud State University

For the last decade, I have utilized my Community Health background to protect and improve the health of elders in retirement communities through research, education, and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Working with elders nearing end-of-life, I realized that much needs to be improved in teaching preventative and holistic care at a young age, and what beauty and health mean in a non-conventional, sustainable way.

I am obsessed with sauna and bathing culture and love spending time visiting saunas, hot springs, and bathhouses near and far. To me, these places teach the importance of ritual, tradition, nature, community, and the power of silence. While pursuing the MASD through MCAD, I hope to educate myself and others about sustainable practices that help to prevent disease, poverty of the mind, and establish an atmosphere for a healthy lifestyle.

I currently reside in Denver, CO. I enjoy practicing yoga, Reiki, snowboarding and hiking. I love being in the company of my friends and family and learning what inspires people to do the things they love.