Cindy Shi

B.A. Psychology | University of California, Santa Cruz (2016)

Cindy received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a focus on human behavior and social influence. Her professional experiences have led her through all kinds of material exploration including mushroom burial suits,  zero-waste and soft goods manufacturing, and flax fiber biocomposites.

Having worked closely with cut/sew factories in San Francisco, Cindy had a direct lens into the amount of waste discarded during production cycles, defining her drive to implement long-term, systematic change in production. Her focus is on sustainability within systems of operations: supply chain, manufacturing – and envisioning how systems can become closed-looped, regenerative, decentralized, and decolonized. Cindy’s goals are to build resilient systems that prioritize social and environmental justice for communities and their ecosystems. She looks forward to working on teams whose values and products lie at the intersection of these professional, academic, and personal passions.

Cindy’s personal work with sewing and weaving is centered around used materials, particularly salvaging fabric scraps from the factory post-production waste. The process of utilizing discarded materials has encouraged her to be more creative while designing a product, as well as meticulously approaching “new” materials with a fond appreciation. Cindy currently resides in Oakland, California.