Frank Brooks

BS, Applied Mathematics + BA, Psychology of Learning | The Evergreen State College

My name is Frank and I use he/him pronouns. I am both a scholar and a veteran: Regarding the former, I am a lifelong learner and aspire to become a professional grade school through college-level instructor—a maverick combination of Dewey, da Vinci, and Dr. Seuss—who promotes learning process over product, inspires creativity with Nature, and designs systems-based curricula for human prosperity rather than profitability. The latter addresses my first career—I retired from the U.S. Army, where I worked eight years as a linguist [Asian culture with emphasis on Korea] and twelve years as a Special Forces medical sergeant. Although I have served and travelled around the globe, I am a Washington State native and consider Olympia as home. Due to my reverence for Nature, I live adjacent one of only two of the rainforests in North America. I am an avid cyclist and mountain biker, part-time physical trainer, and enjoy sketch journaling. My lifelong idol/inspiration is Leonardo da Vinci. My undergraduate background consists of a BS in applied mathematics and a BA in the psychology of learning.

I intend to use my MCAD attendance to influence my creation of learning experiences that encourage experimentation, foster collaboration, and pique mental play. Likewise, I feel this learning opportunity will enhance my life through fellowship with like-minded professionals and bolster my involvement in the creative community. In conclusion, I am pursuing this degree in order to develop my skills in designing and deploying sustainable curricula incumbent to creative communicating, learning, and thinking.

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