Kendra Hargens

MA in Sustainable Design / MCAD (2012)

Kendra Hargens

Kendra Hargens has a strong background in fine art and design and is the first graduate of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program (2012). She has been working on the soft goods industry for a decade and is passionate about incorporating sustainability into mainstream design and manufacturing processes. She is currently a designer with Fox Racing and was formerly a senior designer at Lowepro Wordwide. She is a member of the Outdoor Industry Sustainability Working Group, which brings together outdoor businesses whose first accomplishment was collaboratively developing the industry’s first environmental assessment tool: the Eco Index. Kendra is based in California.

MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design has provided me with a thorough understanding of how vital smart design decisions are to mitigate the impact on the environment. I have learned various ways to illustrate concepts and measure data to enhance design intention.

The MCAD MA in Sustainable Design is an online program that allowed me to continue to work full time and interact with a diverse group of designers from around the globe.”

Thesis title: Designers in a Sustainable World: A database for soft goods designers with a sustainable mindset