Kevin Schultz

BA in Psychology | North Carolina State University (1991)

My wife’s name is Nancy and she is a former technology developer (IBM and then Toshiba) and she went back to school and is now a RN at Duke Hospital in Raleigh, NC, where we live.  She’s safe and awesome.  I’ve a son named Bailey, who is in his third year, working toward a PhD. at Harvard.  He is part of BioChem program and wants to continue to do research and teach.  I’ve a daughter named Chloe, who graduated from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in Environmental Studies.  She currently works for small, business consultancy and is looking to go to Australia for a year, once fully open…  They are both awesome as well!  We also have a dog named Cooper – he’s OK…

I started with IBM in Rochester, MN, after attending a vocational school for design and drafting.  Two years later I transferred to the IBM site in Research Triangle Park, NC.  I took an educational leave and went to North Carolina State University and received a BA in Psychology and came back to work focusing on the hardware user experience.  I’m part of our Industrial Design Program, currently designing hardware used in data centers.  Hardware design where my interest in sustainable design came from – materials, packaging, tool-less disassembly and reuse – along with lifelong love of nature and environment.  You can learn more about IBM Design here: IBM Design