Lena Niemi

BA Communication, Handelshoyskolen BI 1998

Lena Niemi is a designer, writer and concept developer based in Oslo, Norway. With a degree in communication and multimedia design she has worked in global advertising agencies, design agencies and for the Norwegian Design Council. Lena is also a published author with a collection of short stories, a book length essay and a staged play under her belt.

Her goal has always been to create brands that make a positive impact on society, whether it is a school that stands for inclusivity, a career chatbot that guides the next generation, a shoe company that champions re-design or a peer-to-peer job service app fighting social dumping. This is also what lead her to the MA in Sustainable Design. Being a creative who knows how to make consumers choose this product over that product, she wants to contribute to making the most sustainable choice the most desirable one. Moving forward her ambition is for her work to be the driver of change that is needed now.

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