Sarah Stanke

MA in Sustainable Design / MCAD (2014)

Sarah Stanke began her design studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison and graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Interior Design and Certificate in Business. Afterwards, she worked as an interior designer for a commercial architecture and interior design firm as well at a residential design firm as a business operations manager in Madison.  She has now established and runs the interior design department at Kaas Wilson Architects, specializing in multi-family market rate and affordable housing as well as senior living. She seeks to understand how her design decisions impact the health of the earth as well as her community, and to understand the true cost of the products we use and interact with in our everyday life. She graduated from MCAD with a MA in Sustainable Design in 2014. Sarah is based in Minneapolis.

Thesis Title: Connecting to Nature in Interior Dementia Care Environments