Taryn Mead

PhD / University of Exeter Business School

Taryn Mead is an innovation and management scholar whose research focuses on the interface between corporate sustainability strategies and conceptualizations of nature. This includes subjects such as sustainability-oriented innovation, biomimicry, circular economy, the integration of planetary boundaries into corporate strategy, and the role of corporations in sustainable development. She also has substantial experience in sustainable design and expertise in creativity for sustainability among design and engineering professionals in interdisciplinary settings. Before pursuing her PhD in innovation management, Taryn worked as biologist, sustainability strategist and Certified Biomimicry Professional consulting with over 30 corporate, municipal, and non-profit clients using biomimicry as a tool for innovation and sustainability. As a practitioner of biologically-inspired innovation, she has worked on domestic and international projects ranging from new product design to industrial ecosystems to new cities for 2 million inhabitants. She has also served as the lead facilitator for numerous workshops with corporate clients and blossoming biomimics and lectured for large audiences.