Wai-Jing Man

MA in Sustainable Design Program / MCAD (2014)

Wai-Jing Man
Wai-Jing can best be described as a wildcard designer. Previously based in Melbourne, Australia, she has applied her creativity and expertise to various experience design, graphic design, web design, event management, and content marketing projects.
Wai-Jing received her BA in Visual Communication from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2011, and MA in Sustainable Design from MCAD in 2014.
Informed by her analytical mind and passion for sustainability, Wai-Jing is currently working on multiple sustainability education projects at the tertiary level, including a university-wide strategy to holistically embed sustainability education across the curriculum. She is currently based in Hong Kong.

Thesis Title: Overcoming Barriers to Change: What’s holding back Education for Sustainability in Australia?