Student Spotlight: Meet Christian

About the MA Program

Christian Lundsgaard

Christian Lundsgaard is about to graduate from MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program and is currently finishing his thesis entitled, The Sustainable Roof Window. Watch the video below to find out what sustainable design measurement tool he found to be the most useful and how applying it is changing how he approaches challenges today.

About Christian

Christian is from Denmark and is an engineer with 15 years of product development experience in Denmark, China and the US. In this role, he has worked on everything from roof windows to handicap-friendly bathroom appliances to gearboxes for wind turbines. For the majority of his career, he worked for VELUX, a global company that makes roof windows, skylights and accessories, where he has served as development specialist for the Chinese market, design engineer in the South Carolina development group, as well as project manager and team leader in the head office in Denmark. Christian works as a freelance design engineer and he intends to focus the remainder of his professional life toward working on more sustainable solutions for the world.

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Image courtesy of Christian Lundsgaard

Cindy Gilbert / Former Director

Cindy is founder and director of Alula Consulting which specializes in innovative online and sustainability education projects for educational institutions, non-profits, and corporations. Recent clients include The Lemelson Foundation, VentureWell, Green Building Research Institute, University of Montana, PBS, Silverback Films, and more. Cindy has taught numerous courses and workshops, around the world and online, in the fields of biology, sustainability and biomimicry.

Cindy was the founding director of MCAD’s Sustainable Design program for 7.5 years which is home to the fully online, multidisciplinary MA in Sustainable Design (MASD) that is the first of its kind in the world. In this role, she fostered a culture of awareness and creativity through sustainable, innovative and collaborative design. Before MCAD, she served for nearly four years as the founding director of university education at the Biomimicry Institute where she developed and managed all higher education programs, including the professional certification program, annual education summits, affiliate and fellows programs, and design challenges. Cindy is based in Montana. Please contact her through LinkedIn.