Sustainable Metro Events

Student Spotlight

Last week the MASD Merit Scholarship Winners for MASD were announced. Images of Michele Moore’s project shown here focuses on the development process for creating reusable materials along with a quick reference guide for Sustainable Metro Events. Here is her personal statement and inspiration behind the project.

“Every class in the MASD program has presented me with opportunities to explore solving problems and fostering sustainability. Because I love where I work and am dedicated to making improvements, I have consistently applied these opportunities to aspects of my job and workplace. My intent in this strategy is to ultimately influence attitudes, procedures, and policies, and to have an effect on the region at large. There are so many parts of our agency upon which I would like to focus that sometimes it is hard to choose. But the project that I’ve chosen to enter is particularly notable in that it is very timely, completely achievable, and potentially revolutionary.

In our Practice of Sustainable Design course with Holly Robbins, we learned of tactics, tools, and resources needed to design (or redesign) for a more sustainable world. Implementing these upon a real-world situation brought it all to life as a vivid and realistic demonstration of what could be. As an art director in the department that will be producing materials for our community rail opening celebrations, I see myself as a point of intervention to ensure better materials and smarter usage.

My project, “Sustainable Metro Events” addresses the current disconnect between Metro’s declared sustainability goals and what our anticipated material consumption is likely to entail. In the plan I offer a complete assessment of the importance of holding these community events, the stakeholders involved, addressing community perspectives, and mobilizing the workforce. More importantly, I outline the reasons that change is necessary, the positive impact this plan would have, and specific steps for accomplishing a better, safer, more inclusive event. I am very pleased that I have presented this to my colleagues recently and we are on track to apply these ideas for our upcoming events.”

Dawn Keene / Director

Dawn Keene is the president of Studio Change, a company offering sustainability consulting services. Prior to Studio Change, Dawn has served as president of Keene Design, Inc. an award-winning Atlanta-based firm specializing in graphic design for over a decade.

Her previous affiliations have included High-Performance Healthy Schools Committee for USGBC Atlanta (United States Green Building Council), serving as the membership chair and on the sustainability committee for AIGA Atlanta (American Institute of Graphic Arts AIGA.) Her work has been featured on Sustainable Brands and published in Graphic Design U.S.A. In addition, she has participated in panel discussions on various topics such as environmental design and community outreach.

Her life mission is to empower communities and individuals to take positive action towards building a more sustainable future through education and community outreach. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University and graduated from MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program in 2013.