The Systems View and your Bio Toolbox



Curt McNamara (MA in SD faculty) published a detailed article with captivating visuals, The Systems View and your Bio Toolbox in an issue of Zygote Quarterly (Issue 9, Spring 14), featured on page 94. MCAD student Nadine Kuemmel (Germany) and MA alum Stefanie Koehler (MA ’13; Oregon) were quoted in the piece where they shared their insights about learning to apply systems thinking and biomimicry to their product design practice in the MA in Sustainable Design program at MCAD.

“Prior to learning about systems thinking, I assumed a product designer’s role in sustainability was about increasing efficiency, using earth-friendly materials, and consuming less. By engaging in MCAD’s sustainable design program, I have gained an understanding that designing the object itself is just one of many dynamic parts of a whole systems that will only be relevant (and successful) if supported by a well-designed service and organization.” — Stefanie Koehler (MA alum ’13), Zygote Quarterly, pp. 114

We always have the status quo, which consists of different elements. Observing and realizing connections as well as commonalities between the elements and in a second step ordering them into categories of systems, super systems and subsystems helps enormously to understand the whole picture and to keep every part in mind, while working on a solution.” — Nadine Kuemmel (SD Certificate alum ’15), Zygote Quarterly, pp. 112

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