The Power of Design

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Do you listen to the TED Radio Hour on NPR? It is a great podcast. In a recent episode –The Power of Design– was dedicated to a few fascinating aspects of design from past TED speakers and renowned designers and design thinkers.

Design is all around us, but much of it could be better, bolder, more elegant. This episode, TED speakers on the essence of good design in buildings, brands, the digital realm and the natural world. — TED Radio Hour, The Power of Design episode, broadcast on May 20, 2016

I had to share this episode with you! You’ll hear from former Apple designer, Tony Fadell, as well as Mark Kushner, Joe Gebbia, Alice Rasthorn and, biomimicry heroine, Janine Benyus.

Listen to the full show here.

Listen to the biomimicry feature on the show: What Can Designers Learn From Nature?


Image courtesy of Flickr CC fotologic