Alumni Update: The Hero’s Journey Webinar



The Hero’s Journey to the Circular Economy: An Innovative Methodology to Guide Businesses in the Transition to a Circular Economy

Please join (and support!) Shari Welsh, a recent MASD grad (’14), who was selected to present a new methodology -developed as part of her Master’s thesis- at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s online Disruptive Innovation Festival.

Mark your calendar! Monday, November 10, 2014 at 12 noon EST. Register at for open mic session “The Hero’s Journey to the Circular Economy: An Innovative Methodology to Guide Businesses in the Transition to a Circular Economy” (Direct link to the webinar registration can be found here.)

About the webinar

Storytelling is a powerful tool for encouraging social change and transformation. Currently, few resources exist to help businesses begin their transition to a circular economy model. In this session, a new methodology—inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey—will be presented to aide businesses in the first step of this transition.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is a story pattern that crosses religions, generations and cultures. The obstacles and opportunities encountered in the 12 steps of the Hero’s Journey can be directly mapped to the obstacles and opportunities businesses face when exploring the required transformations of moving from a linear to a circular economy model.

In this session, Shari Welsh will present this innovative new methodology, as well as provide opportunities for interactive audience discussion, co-collaboration and methodology enhancement.

About Shari Welsh
Shari Welsh brings over 15 years of comprehensive marketing communications, strategy development and project management experience from her work with leading businesses, non-profits and agencies including: The Nature Conservancy, Y&R, Stanford University and Electronic Arts. Shari’s passion for sustainability, creativity and communications led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Sustainable Design, which she recently obtained from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Shari enjoys leading teams and exploring creative avenues for educating others on sustainability through integrated communications and the effective use of visual design. Shari is a highly collaborative leader with exceptional program and project management skills. She now focuses on helping organizations identify opportunities for sustainable change and then guiding them in the development, strategic communication and implementation of their new sustainability plan. Shari recently moved to the Seattle area after having spent most of her professional career in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn more about the DIF

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation will stage the first Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) in 2014, bringing together thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, makers, learners and doers to catalyse system-level change for a future economy. Over four weeks using a mix of online and face to face events participants have an abundance of opportunities to explore the economy through a different lens.

Image courtesy of Shari Welsh