AASHE 2014 Highlights: Breakout Sessions

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This morning (10/27), waking up to Portland’s public radio station, KOPB, I heard a news item talking about the AASHE 2014 annual conference, as well as a bit about the Mayer of Portland, Charlie Hales, proclaiming the Week of October 27th — Sustainability Week!

In addition to celebrating sustainability here in Portland, on the ballot again this November here in Oregon is a question about labeling GMO (genetically modified organism) foods as such. “GMO Food right to know” laws have been passed in Vermont and Maine, but in 2012 was narrowly defeated in California. States around the union have introduced bills to label GMO foods. Most of these laws or ballot initiatives have been defeated at some point, but new bills and ballot initiatives are popping up again with renewed support.

What an energizing way to start the day!

Today’s AASHE offerings were a cornucopia of short talks in the morning, followed by an afternoon of poster sessions and chances to check-out the exhibitor hall.

Sessions of note

— Embedding Sustainability Curriculum Pathways Across the University
— Assessing the Impact of Sustainability Faculty Learning Communities
— Behavior Catalyzing Sustainable Change
— Teaching Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences
— A Model for Integrating Sustainability within Global Studies
— Community Engagement Through the Arts
— Developing a Sustainability Curriculum: What are the Core Concepts?

Hot Gossip of the Day

The AASHE conference may be in Minneapolis next year!

Join us this week for Wendy Jedlicka’s (MASD faculty) notes from the AASHE Conference. Image courtesy of Wendy Jedlicka.

Wendy Jedlička

Wendy Jedlička (IoPP/CPP) has a strong background in design, manufacturing, business and marketing. She is an IoPP Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional and is president of Jedlička Design, a packaging design firm specializing in sustainable design and business strategies. Additionally she is co-coordinator in the U.S. for the o2 International Network for Sustainable Design. An internationally recognized speaker, Wendy writes feature articles on applied sustainability for design and business publications around the world, and is the contributing editor of two books for Wiley Publishing: Packaging Sustainability and Sustainable Graphic Design. Wendy is based in Minnesota.