Biomimicry to Create a Regenerative Future

This piece was originally published as a blog by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). This year, the Director of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program, Denise DeLuca, is Board President of ISSP. As we observe the breadth of UN observances in October, from World Habitat Day to World Migratory Bird Day to United

You don’t need “sustainability” in your title

Ashen Phansey is a recent addition to the MA in Sustainable Design faculty and will be teaching Biomimetic Design this fall. We are so excited to have him as part of our program! Asheen (he/his) is the CEO of Eleven Radius, an industry group for dynamic fashion companies committed to the circular economy. Prior, Asheen spent over a decade in corporate

There’s something special about this generation

Billy Almon is a recent addition to the MA in Sustainable Design faculty and will be teaching Biomimetic Design this fall. We are so excited to have him as part of our program! Billy is an Astrobiofuturist, exploring biology-inspired solutions to improve the human condition for those of us on earth and those who will

Leave the campsite better than you found it

Wendy Jedlička is one of the founding faculty of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program. She teaches Making the Business Case for Sustainability and Packaging Sustainability. With a strong background in design, manufacturing and business, Wendy Jedlička, CPP, ISSP-SA is an IoPP Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional, a certified ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA), and president of

COUNTDOWN with us!

Denise DeLuca and Trisha Bauman (both ISSP Board Members) are excited to invite you to join us for TEDxISSP, a COUNTDOWN event! The event will be held online Saturday 24 April 2021, noon-2:00pmCT. Registration is free and open to the public. It is a wonderful way for you to celebrate Earth Week with the MA

The World Needs More Empathy

This is a re-post of a blog written by MASD Faculty Anita Nowak for her blog series. Thank you Anita! Over the past few months, our society’s empathy deficit has been laid bare – and it’s staggering. The only silver lining is that Spring 2020 unleashed unprecedented introspection about important issues like systemic racism, food

Visions for Change

For several years now, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach a 4-day immersive short-course called BioEmpathy in Kenya (and once in India) for the Amani Institute. As much as I’m there to teach, I always walk away incredibly enriched and inspired by the experience and the Amani team and Fellows.  With the pandemic,

Empathic Action in the time of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is, or will be, tragic for some, devastating for many, and disruptive for everyone. Our natural reaction to those who are suffering is sympathy. When someone sends their “thoughts and prayers” they are expressing sympathy.  Sympathy is different from empathy. Sympathy is when we feel sorry for someone else’s misfortune, even if

Catching up with Jeremy Faludi

Jeremy Faludi, Ph.D., LEED AP BD+C, is a sustainable design strategist. He was an assistant professor at Dartmouth College and has taught green product design at Stanford and elsewhere. He has contributed to six books on sustainable design, including Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century, and co-authored the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop.  He prototyped the first version of for the Biomimicry

Green Launchpad

After pursuing one of her BHAGs, former and founding Director of our MA in Sustainable Design program Cindy Gilbert is now Senior Project Officer with VentureWell. Congratulations, Cindy! One of her upcoming projects: VentureWell is offering the interactive + hands-on workshop Green LaunchPad Educators Workshop this fall (Oct 16+17) in Boston, MA to train faculty

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