Green Launchpad

After pursuing one of her BHAGs, former and founding Director of our MA in Sustainable Design program Cindy Gilbert is now Senior Project Officer with VentureWell. Congratulations, Cindy! One of her upcoming projects: VentureWell is offering the interactive + hands-on workshop Green LaunchPad Educators Workshop this fall (Oct 16+17) in Boston, MA to train faculty

Creating the SHIFT: Dr. Kate White on Redesigning Consumer Behaviors

This is one of a series of interviews by students, alumni, and faculty from MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program with practitioners from the Sustainable Brands community, on a variety of ways organizations can, and are, Redesigning the Good Life.  This post is a copy of the interview posted by Sustainable Brands.   White’s work highlights actionable ways practitioners

Welcome Anita Nowak!

There are several interrelated themes that are woven throughout our MA in Sustainable Design program, including systems thinking, biomimicry, and innovation. Underlying everything we do is, of course, sustainability and design, both of which require leadership and which, in turn, require empathy. Arguably, “design thinking” and “human centered design” are applied empathy.  Leading creatives and

Her BHAG – In Action

Not many of us set BHAG’s (“Big Hairy Audacious Goals”) and even fewer of us act on those that we do set, but Cindy Gilbert, former and founding Director of the MA in Sustainable Design program has done both.   Back in January, Cindy announced that she was leaving her post as Director to pursue

Welcome to Life-Centered!

Our faculty are an amazing and diverse group. Like Sustainable Design itself, they are multi-faceted and trans-disciplinary, passionate and pioneering, curious and creative.   Tim McGee is no exception.  His day job is is the Biophilic Design Manager at the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), where he brings his career exploring the interface between biology

Jeremy Faludi: Teaching Green

Jeremy Faludi, Ph.D., LEED AP BD+C, has devoted his career to driving the leading edge of sustainable design and sustainable design education.  In addition to being an adjunct faculty with MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program, he is an assistant professor at Dartmouth College and has taught green product design at Stanford and elsewhere.  He has contributed to

Who’s Got Your Back?

Summer is flying by and we’ve got just a bit more time before MCAD’s Fall semester begins, but for some of us, the joy of teaching and learning never stops. Denise DeLuca, Director of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program, recently returned from Kenya where she taught a course called BioEmpathy as part of the

Spiralling in Control

It is easy to feel as though the world is spiralling out of control, that we’re caught in a downward spiral of our own making. This downward spiral is, curiously, caused by positive feedback loops. A positive feedback loop is when the result of an action tends to drive more of the same action. Positive feedback

Your magic wand?

The students, faculty, and alumni of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program had the opportunity to interview leading thinkers and do-ers in the world of sustainability that were invited to speak at SB18. Each interview revolved around six questions, which led to engaging and inspiring discussions.  Of these six, I felt that one of the most

Biophilia and Biophilic Design

You pause to smell the bouquet of flowers on the the table, even though you’re in a hurry.  You desperately want to pick up and hug the little puppy that is just learning to navigate the carpeting.  You feel joy as you dig your hands into the soil of your nascent garden. You can’t help

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