A Major Wave of Change is Happening — Finally

There is a key shift in the way we distribute packaged goods that is finally getting the attention it deserves — eliminating one-use containers, especially plastic (Wilson, 2019). This doesn’t mean everything has to be reusable (Roth, 2019), that distribution scheme has issues too, but what it does mean is that producers are rethinking their

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Sustainability Now!

Going deeper into the ideas presented at the EarthTones Sustainable Design Retreat, adjunct faculty of MCAD’s Sustainable Design program -Holly Robbins and Wendy Jedlička- presented three workshop sessions of Sustainability Now! A Hands-on Workshop On Sustainability Practice for Today’s Designers at Design Camp, hosted in October 2017 by AIGA Minnesota. Design has an important role to


See You @Design Camp

Join MASD faculty members, Holly Robbins and Wendy Jedlicka, at AIGA Minnesota’s annual Design Camp. They will be offering 3 hands-on workshops on Sunday, October 8. About the workshop Sustainability Now! A Hands-on Workshop On Sustainability Practice for Today’s Designers Over 80-percent of today’s corporations do some sort of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Alumni Update: An Unexpected Turn

About five years ago, I began to feel that familiar pull that many designers do mid-career–the desire to put my skills to better use, toward doing Good Work, to further my own education. It wasn’t going to be financially possible to quit my job (someone had to pay that mortgage), so the online program at


This Week on Earth

Happy Earth Week! There are a few great educational events happening this week, that the MA in Sustainable Design (MASD) program is proud to sponsor and/or support, that we wanted you to know about. [Of course, these events are in addition to the historical March for Science that will take place in DC on April


Alumni Update: Dawn Keene

Master of Arts in Sustainable Design (MASD) alum, Dawn Keene, (’13) was recently featured in Graphic Design USA’s digital magazine in the article Responsible Design Matters No Matter What You Call It. Dawn says, “…I pursued and completed a Masters of Arts in Sustainable Design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and it


Student Spotlight: Talking Trash @Eureka Recycling

This fall, MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program (MASD) offered the course Packaging Sustainability, which provides a ground level look at applied sustainability. Using something we all touch everyday — packaging — the course gives students firsthand experience with the product selling environment, consumer behavior, marketing, materials and processes, energy, waste, and supply

Lessons from a Pea Pod

Do you remember the SunChips bag redesign revolution? Or perhaps you remember hearing the chip bag itself, because of the excessively loud, crinkling noises generated by Frito-Lay’s innovative, 100% compostable packaging. Disappointingly, after years of design, prototyping, testing and marketing, Frito-Lay hushed the eco-friendly bag campaign because it is causing too much noise. Literally. What

recycle cans

40 Trillion Cans

WASTE. The sheer volume of waste in the world is staggering. Our addiction to cheap, disposable goods and the ‘buy-use-toss’ cycle is frightening. The ~$12 billion value of waste is heartbreaking. The prediction that, by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish, by weight, in the ocean is down right depressing. On that note,


Do You Really Know Packaging?

You touch it every day, but do you really know packaging? We’ve all done it, purchased a product because of, or in spite of, the packaging. A great package can get a consumer to buy almost any product at least once. But what do you really know about packaging? To most people packaging is simply

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