Town Hall-Wildlife Forever

Student Spotlight

The Art of Conservation program promotes annual wildlife art competitions that seeks to educate kids about our feathered and finned friends. Join Addison Motta and Veronica Mangio from Wildlife Forever, a national conservation non-profit, to learn more about the program and make connections between art and science.

Veronica Mangio | MASD Student

Veronica has a love for art, design, and nature. With a background in science and a love for art, she hopes to intersect the applications of science and engineering with art and design to bring us closer to nature in our everyday lives. Her simplest joys of life are spending time outside, at a coffee or boba shop, and eating good food, especially doing it all with friends and family. She graduated in 2021 from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) with a BS in User Experience.

Addison Motta

Addison Motta found her passion for environmental education as a middle schooler volunteering at her local nature center. She has worked with schools, non-profits, and environmental learning centers with the goal of connecting students to the outdoors. Addison is currently working as the Education and Communications Manager at Wildlife Forever, where she oversees the Art of Conservation® youth art program. She is passionate about birds, books, and national parks

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Wednesday, March 20

12:00pm – 1:00pm Central Time