Intro to Biomimicry!

Many students find our program through biomimicry, as there are so few places where you can get rigorous training online in the greater context of sustainable design. If you’re curious about biomimicry and would like to give it a go, you’re in luck! We’re offering our fully online short course Introduction to Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design


Designing Behavior Change

We’re offering Designing Behavior Change for Sustainability course this Fall. Data tells us that most Americans are concerned about climate change. A recent survey from Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication showed that 72% of Americans understand that climate change is happening, and 65% feel that individuals should be doing more to address global warming.


There is still time!

Ready to create impact — in sustainable design? We’re offering two sustainability-focused courses for the Fall. If you’re considering joining our fully online MA in Sustainable Design program, this it is a good chance to engage with us and see what it’s like to learn online. If not, it’s a wonderful way to learn more about sustainability!

Your turn to learn [online]

Over the past two years, many of you have had to move from working in-person to working remotely, and it looks like that may continue for a while. Although some are longing to get back to the office, many have discovered the benefits of working from home. One of those benefits is having more –

What Is Creative Leadership And Why Do We Need It?

Trisha Bauman, M.S.Adjunct Faculty, Master of Arts in Sustainable Design   Any quick review of today’s media headlines or a social timeline leaves little ambiguity: we are navigating overwhelming challenges around the world. While history shows that we have  traversed many global crises of daunting proportions, today’s challenges are uniquely  characterized by a potent nexus—rapidly increasing

Opening windows to a sustainable world

A decade ago, I was a burned out, overworked designer who felt like I’d lost my connection to the reason I became a designer. I felt crushed by the rat race and the pressure to use the thing I was most passionate about — design — to sell sell sell! I was facing a crisis

Packaging: A pivot toward the positive…

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of humankind. The first week of November, 2021, the leaders of the world gather to not just make commitments to reduce the impact of systems that are accelerating climate change,* but demonstrate positive action to address climate change. Countries, communities, and companies are looking at a

Tools for New Ways of Leading

[excerpts from the short course Tools for New Ways of Leading] The world today is navigating quickly changing conditions of increasing complexity and volatility, driven by rapid transformation in technology, globalization, population growth, the climate emergency, biodiversity loss, increasing wealth disparity, and enduring social injustices. The impacts of these challenges are experienced across our entire planet,

Pinecones + People

As we begin to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, many of us are reflecting on what we learned and what has emerged over the past year.  Many of us learned how much we need nature and we need each other — even strangers. We learned that we do better together. We

Become a Sustainability Professional!

You may be passionate about sustainability, but do you have the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to change the world? If so, do others know that you do? The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) has developed post-nominal credentials through “global collaboration by sustainability practitioners, for sustainability practitioners. Designed with rigorous international standards in mind,

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