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The MA in Sustainable Design program culminates in a student-driven Graduate Sustainability Thesis Project. Students conduct independent research on a sustainability-focused project of their choice, with the support of their thesis committee.

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Guiding this generation of fast fashion consumers to seek knowledge and alternatives to fast fashion through a community-based website
Marne Buttenhoff, Fall 2022

Integrating Strategic Sustainable Design Thinking for Designers
Luxme Patel, Fall 2023

The Apparel Designer’s Impact Tool
Natalie Potts, Fall 2022

Empowering peer-to-peer networks to optimize forms for reuse in durable goods, using self-organizing systems in computational design
Nathaniel Edmunds, Spring 2022

Identifying Emerging Roles for Design Leadership in Sustainability
Sarah Hummel, Spring 2022

Myth and Making
Angelina Malizia, Spring 2022

Hands-on Sustainability Education: Teaching Sustainability in Career and Technical Education
Alex Wong, Fall 2021 

A Post COVID-19 Green Recovery Concept for Women-Owned Small Businesses
Ashley French, Spring 2021

Plastic Pollution: Plastic Waste as a Resource
Thongminh Nguyen, Spring 2021

Envisioning Sustainable Futures by Teaching Youth How to Creatively Think Towards an Uncertain Future
Dawn Suiter, Spring 2021

The Design/Build Industry: Establishing a Circular Economy to Offset Municipal Solid Waste and C&D Waste Production
Stephanie Hebert, Fall 2020

Empowering New Generations to Transition to a Circular Economy. Engaging Youth Through Experiential Learning
Anabel Sinn, Fall 2020

Sustainability in Textile Dyeing
Audrey Hunt, Spring 2020

Driving Sustainability in Automotive Leather, Environment Pollution and Reshaping the Luxury Mindset
Bianca Iacopelli, Spring 2020