I really care. Do you?

As an Education Partner and Board member of ISSP, I’ve been doing a deep dive into the ISSP-SA Study Guide. Even after years of being in the profession, I’m still finding the contents fascinating and enlightening.  One well-known concept that jumped out at me recently is externalities.  In the Study Guide you’ll find: As noted

Now you get Systems Thinking!

How can a local street market in China impact the Dow Jones?How can statistics from Italy shut down a barber shop in a small town in the US?How can millions of people lose their jobs over something they can’t even see? Because we’re all part of a global community. Because, we’re all human beings subject to

What is your design paradigm?

As students, teachers, and practitioners in sustainable design, we are often questioning and reconsidering conventional design principles, processes, practices, patterns, and problems — the ones that have us consuming 1.75 Earth’s worth of resources.  But in order to understand and apply sustainable design principles, processes, practices, patterns, and problems we first need to be clear