Creatives of Color Convene

“If we all combined our talent and our resources, we’d find that there are over a thousand of us in the Twin Cities. We can make our ideas happen sooner than we think, combining our interests with the folks who are already doing similar work.” That was the driver for Keno Evol, Executive Director of

We’ve got it backwards

Envision this familiar scenario:  You’re listening to someone passionately presenting their idea for a radically innovative sustainable design. The presentation concludes, obligatory applause follows, and then the floor is opened for Q&A. What usually happens next? What kind of a questions or comments do you expect to hear, or are expected to make yourself? If


The Thing About BHAGs

Happy new year! After 7.5 years I am passing the MASD director baton to my successor, Denise DeLuca. I couldn’t be more delighted with my replacement who is a longtime colleague, friend and instructor in the MASD program. She has the experience, know how and passion to take the program to the next level. I


Drawing the Line on Climate: String Survey

From downtown Minneapolis to Lowertown Saint Paul, the 7th annual Northern Spark all-night arts festival took place from dusk on June 10th to dawn on June 11th. The event engaged more than 45,000 attendees in all forms of public art, all tied to the theme “Climate Chaos: People Rising.” Among the 415 artists who presented


String Survey @Northern Spark

Background Stories design collective members Jack Becker ’76, Nichole Goodwell, Randy Walker and MASD Faculty Arlene Birt (’03), are exploring the current climate crisis through a community outreach project during this June’s Northern Spark event. String Survey invites participants to answer a series of questions about our current climate crisis and witness how their personal stance on



I recently watched the documentary Minimalism and have gotten hooked on the related podcast. This topic strikes a chord deep within me. I feel at peace when I see open, clean and uncluttered spaces. I get overwhelmed by too many things and extraneous stuff. I celebrate Buy Nothing Day. I’ve felt this way for a


#14: Don’t be Cool.

Originally published by Bruce Mau in 2008, this list of 43 recommendations rocked the design world. The Manifesto Project and his design firm continues to adapt, grow and evolve. We think this list applies to everyone who wants to lead a curious life, not just designers. An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by Bruce Mau Allow


MASD Alumni Association

Despite being in a fully online program that doesn’t require any trips to campus -or Minnesota in the winter, for that matter- three of the MASD graduating class got ourselves to MCAD and attended graduation together in December 2016. Jillian Schultz and I (Shannon Reece) had a great time afterwards, “meeting” our teachers (for the



Want to be a genius? Or maybe simply achieve those pesky goals that slip out of your grasp? How can you stick to it, even when it gets tough? Listen to this Freakonomics Radio podcast to learn more about how “effort and grit means most” in getting what you want and achieving success in your


Faculty Focus: MASD Director Goes to Antarctica

This fall Cindy Gilbert, director of MCAD’s master of arts in sustainable design program, joined a small team that is working on a multi-year, multi-million dollar documentary about the life of Adélie penguins. Based at a remote field site in Antarctica, the team of four spent three weeks capturing the migration of the penguins from

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