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What do you do if you’ve just completed your hard-earned MA in Sustainable Design degree while working full time with two kids and, just as you think life might finally get back to normal, the pandemic hits?  For many of us, the answer would be to back-burner or postpone as much work as possible and

Diversity is at the heart of what we do

Each month, the MA in Sustainable Design program invites a special guest for our Town Hall series where students, faculty, and alumni get to meet and chat with a leader in the field of sustainability or sustainable design. This month’s guest was MASD alumni Gautam Muralidharan, co-founder and CEO of SoulWork.  Below are a few

Enjoy our FREE Earth Week Activities [day 3]

Happy Earth Week! To help you celebrate, MCAD’s fully online MA in Sustainable Design program is posting 3 days of FREE Earth Day activities to help you engage. We’ll follow the themes SEE, DO, THINK, SHARE. Enjoy! SEE: Explore thesis project presentations created by MA in Sustainable Design students The MA in Sustainable Design program culminates in a

MASD at Design Week Portland!

Biomimicry: A Framework for Sustainable Design Disrupt your thinking.Flex your creativity.Get a jolt of inspiration. Envision your role in creating a sustainable world. We are all feeling an urgency to take action on climate change and sustainability. Designers have a unique ability to make change, but they need new sources of inspiration as well as

NEW! Nature-Inspired Design Wilderness Expedition

Shannon Reece [MASD 2016] has a day job in sustainable design, but for him that’s not enough. On the side, he is a certified natural movement instructor and specializes in teaching adaptable human movement patterns – empowering people to become healthier, more mindful, and capable humans.  Now, Shannon has combined his unique experiences, passions, and expertise

Special opportunity: Learn from Nature, in Nature!

Shannon Reece (MASD 2016) has learned about sustainable design by immersing himself in experiences deep in the bush of Zambia as well as immersing himself deep in MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program, and now he wants to share some of these learnings and experiences with you. Next month (August 2019) Reece will be partnering

BioEmpathy: A Catalyst for Regenerative Design

Back in April, Denise DeLuca (Director of the MA in Sustainable Design program) brought Stefanie Koehler (MASD 2013) to Kenya to help teach a 4-day field course called BioEmpathy for the Amani Institute. Stef, a 2013 graduate of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program, recently taught a semester-long course called “Design Futures and Ecologies” in

Bio-inspired Design for a Sustainable World

Disrupt your thinking. Flex your creativity. Get a jolt of inspiration. Envision your role in creating a sustainable world. Join Denise DeLuca and Stefanie Koehler for Design Week Portland where we’ll be running the workshop Bio-inspired Design for a Sustainable World. During this hands-on experience, we’ll cover basics of Sustainable Design and Biomimicry and share

Do your values permeate everything you do?

Susan Crow is a sustainable designer, entrepreneur and CEO of East Fourth Street Jewelry, a luxury eco-jewelry business in Minnesota. Crow got her Professional Certificate in Sustainable Design from MCAD in 2009 — a pioneer helping create the pathway for the MA in Sustainable Design program.   We are incredibly proud to be included in

One company’s mission to reverse global warming

As a lead up to Sustainable Brands conference SB’18 , students, alumni, and faculty of our MA in Sustainable Design program interviewed selected speakers — leaders in corporate sustainability initiatives.  In this blog we share our interview with Erin Meezan, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Interface. Erin Meezan, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, leads the company on an audacious

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