MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design: FAQs

If you’re considering starting a graduate program, you probably have a lot of questions — and you should! To answer the questions I get most frequently about our (fully online) MA in Sustainable Design program, I created a set of videos for you to explore.  In addition to watching these videos, you’re also more than

We don’t blame you

We don’t blame you for driving a car.  We don’t blame you for buying products wrapped in plastic. We don’t blame you for using cell phones and computers and coffee makers made from plastic and metal and toxic chemicals that are all destined to contribute to e-waste. Our western capitalist consumerist culture makes it all

Visual Communications for Sustainability

Have you ever really considered the impacts of the shipping of products you purchase? Dirty fuels, ocean and air pollution – regardless, our global society demands the movement of goods. Enter the Smart Green Shipping Alliance (SGSA) an organization committed to disrupting the shipping industry by introducing carbon-free ship designs. Recently, a group of MCAD

Thinking of grad school?

JOIN THIS FREE ONLINE EVENT! Prospective Grad Students!  Join this free Online Admissions Event this Friday November 30th, 6 am – 5 pm (ET).  The Virtual Fair is free to all interested students. Meet with Art, Design & Film Graduate Programs — including MCAD! Click here to learn more and register: NPDA Grad School Online Portfolio Day &

Dip, Dabble, or Dive

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already exploring or even engaging in sustainability or sustainable design.  If so, thank you! If you’re here because you want to know more, here are some ways you can dip, dabble, or dive into the world of sustainable design. Dip If you want to know more, but you’re not

You can change our world.

Change your perspective. Change your designs. Change our world. Just 30 credits and 5 semesters stand between you and your MA in Sustainable Design. MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program is FULLY ONLINE so you can study anywhere, anytime. MCAD’s fully online Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program was created for busy working professionals

What’s next after Design Thinking? Design Crits

People working outside the world of design, particularly those in business, have discovered the incredible power of Design Thinking. Harvard Business Review recognized the value of Design Thinking 10 years ago, and continues to explore why it works today. Forbes has come out with several articles on the benefits Design Thinking, including as a leadership

Spiralling in Control

It is easy to feel as though the world is spiralling out of control, that we’re caught in a downward spiral of our own making. This downward spiral is, curiously, caused by positive feedback loops. A positive feedback loop is when the result of an action tends to drive more of the same action. Positive feedback

Lifestyles and Lifecycles

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are notoriously consumptive and unsustainable. It’s so easy to point fingers and assign blame, but the lifestyles of us “eco-groovies” may not be that much better. We may ride bikes and take mass transit, but most of us still own and drive cars. We may recycle and compost,

Looking back, Looking ahead

Perhaps I’m just getting old, but I’m shocked at how few passionate and eager young people working in the worlds of design and sustainability are familiar with R. Buckminster Fuller [July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983]. This architect, philosopher, futurist, designer, systems theorist, author, and inventor defined, refined, or seemingly divined much of foundations

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