Bloom Where you are Planted!

As a fully online learning experience, MCAD’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Design program allows students to stay in their communities to build more sustainable futures. Ideal for working adults who are passionate about sustainability, want to understand the power of design, and to creatively lead sustainable solutions across disciplines and industries.  If you want

Student Spotlight

Hilmarie Figueroa, a current student in the MA in Sustainable Design program, living inSan Juan, PR took some time out of her schedule to talk with me about being a student in this program. What attracted you to MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program? The program offered a well-balanced variety of sustainability approaches. Additionally, it


There are Many Paths to Sustainability

Ready to create impact — in sustainable design? We’re offering three sustainability-focused courses. One this summer and two for the Fall. If you’re considering joining our fully online MA in Sustainable Design program, this it is a good chance to engage with us and see what it’s like to learn online.  If not, it’s a wonderful way

What if you want to work?

There has been a lot of talk of burnout lately. The compounding traumas and tragedies brought about by the Trump presidency, the murder of George Floyd, the endless floods and fires, and the pandemic (to mention some of the big ones) has sent many to the edge, and some over it. Those of us who

Have a bigger impact

If you’re concerned about the state of the world, you may be recycling and bicycling, gardening and composting, consuming less and voting more.  But if you’re a designer, you can have a bigger impact.  It is estimated that 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined at the design stage. Many designers are not aware

Good grief?

As Director of MCAD’s MA in Sustainable Design program and ISSP’s Board President, I hear a lot of people voicing their grief over the state of the world. Who doesn’t get depressed when the news is full of stories about all-time record heat waves, 1000-year floods, ongoing and increasing pandemic deaths? Not only that, songbirds

Do you want to do more?

With summer in the air, many of us are finally taking a moment to take a deep breath and reflect on what we’ve all been through. Many people are reflecting on what the world has become, what needs to change, and what they can do about it.   In my role, I hear from many people

Help Shape Our Future

You can help shape our future. We can show you how. Spring brings with it a new sense of hope, a new chance for regeneration, and a new opportunity to shape the future. It is a wonderful time to let go of the past, imagine what could be, and then take steps to realize a

TODAY: How might you make change?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re almost certainly among the many people who are looking beyond the pandemic and know that things have to change. And maybe you’re among the few who have decided to do something to help make change. But what change? And how might you make change? These are very big and

FREE: Is Sustainable Design for you?

For many people, 2021 brings hope for a better future. For some of you, 2021 brings a new commit to helping create that better future! If you’re that kind of person, you might be wondering if our fully MA in Sustainable Design program might represent that commitment. If so, please join us online next Tuesday 16

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