Congratulations, Graduates!

About the MA Program

We are happy announce our newest MASD graduates, Christian, George, Megan and Zachary! We are very proud of you and your sustainability-focused work, from green product design to craft brewing to a biomimicry-inspired education model. We look forward to seeing the things that you do and places that you go.

These MASD students graduated Friday, December 15. Visit the student links to learn more about them, their work and to access their portfolios.

Christian Lundsgaard’s thesis was titled, The Sustainable Roof Window. (Advisor: Curt McNamara)

George Cook’s thesis was titled, Incubating Understanding: A biomimetic approach to learning. (Advisor: Curt McNamara)

Megan Graham’s thesis was titled, Minneapolis Microbrewery Wastewater Certification: A sustainable approach to wastewater. (Advisor: Wendy Jedlicka)

Zachary Elder’s thesis was titled, Circular Model for Sustainable Automotive Child Safety Seats. (Advisor: Curt McNamara)

Photo courtesy of Collin Armstrong on Unsplash