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I recently watched the documentary Minimalism and have gotten hooked on the related podcast. This topic strikes a chord deep within me. I feel at peace when I see open, clean and uncluttered spaces. I get overwhelmed by too many things and extraneous stuff. I celebrate Buy Nothing Day. I’ve felt this way for a long time; as long as I’ve been a back country hiker. But it wasn’t until I biked 1,100 miles from Montana to Minnesota that I felt the true freedom from stuff.

I ran across this recent article called The Art of Enough that I wanted to share with you. It gives some insightful tips to leading a life with fewer things but more contentment.

This is how it begins…

“Do you sometimes snack mindlessly on mediocre food? Buy clothes that don’t really fit? Binge-watch TV shows when you really need sleep?

You’re not alone. Our culture has become almost fanatically centered on consumption of all types, and it’s affecting our health, happiness, and well-being.

“The average person now consumes twice as much as 50 years ago,” notes Annie Leonard, whose 2007 documentary, The Story of Stuff, tracked the cycle of commodities from production to disposal. In our grandparents’ day, she says, “stewardship and resourcefulness and thrift were valued.”

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The Art of Enough article written by Elizabeth Millard was published in April 2017 by Experience Life Magazine.

Image courtesy of Unsplash CC by Aneta Ivanova