Anabel Sinn

BFAin Communication Design

Anabel Sinn earned a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School Of Design in New York. She is the co-founder of Addtothenoise, a design studio in Los Angeles which specializes in branding, art direction and design. Over the course of her career, Anabel has worked as an Art Director at major record labels including Warner Brothers Records, Universal Music and Disney Music Group.

Now as the lead creative of Addtothenoise she has the opportunity to become an agent of change within her sphere of influence. As climate change continues to accelerate, she has changed how she approaches her creative production, striving to reduce its environmental impact and to promote sustainable practices in both her own studio and in her clients’ businesses.

Anabel is also passionate about the designing and manufacturing of handmade artisan products for the home-space — an interest that has introduced her to the concept of the circular economy. She looks forward to joining a network of creative professionals who are re-thinking what place sustainability holds in design.

She has lived and worked in South America, Europe and North America. When not working she travels and explores other cultures, languages and ways of life always on the lookout for new perspectives.

Anabel completed the MA program in Sustainable Design at MCAD in Fall 2020.


Thesis title: Empowering New Generations to Transition to a Circular Economy. Engaging Youth Through Experiential Learning