Mariska Nell

BA Interior Design | The Design School of Southern Africa | (2009)

Mariska Nell is an artist, designer, environmentalist and host of the Mama Earth Talk podcast. The world is her home and sustainability her passion. As a painter and sculptor, her mediums include acrylic on canvas and recycled materials in both her canvases and sculptural work. Having started experimenting with trash in her artwork, she became curious about this new medium and began researching how the environment is impacted by waste, and what solutions exist. She now uses her creativity to represent her passion for the environment, by shining a light on our problems with waste and the impacts thereof. In 2018 Nell took her art to the streets, wearing trash for 30 days and becoming a visual representation of what it would look like if there was no “throwing away” and we all had to carry the weight of our waste rather than passing that burden on to the environment.