Mikayla Jacino

Visual Communication Design with a minor in Studio Art | Ohio State University

Hey there! I’m a proud grad with a B.S. in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Studio Art from THE Ohio State University (O-H!). During my academic escapades, I dove headfirst into the world of sustainable stationery, tacking research distinction about it onto my diploma along the way. Yep, I’m that person who geeks out about paper!

Now, when I’m not immersed in design, you’ll find me navigating the wild world of small business ownership of Wildflower Press + Paper, specializing in crafting sustainable design magic for weddings and events. It’s not just about pretty aesthetics; my designs not only showcase creativity but also prioritize environmentally conscious principles, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint.

Beyond the design hustle, I’m a total nature nut. Hiking trails, camping under the stars, and capturing the beauty of the natural world through my lens – that’s my jam. Nature isn’t just a backdrop; it’s my creative playground. 

Oh, and did I mention my crazy, adorable crew? I share my world with my hubby and our four fur babies – Luna Tuna and Sir Oliver Pickles (the cats), Queso Dia (our dog), and Pancake (the turtle). Our home is a quirky blend of love, creativity, and ongoing projects. Currently on the docket: turning our 1979 Winnebago into a rolling masterpiece and getting it adventure ready. #RVlife