Shanna Ruyle

MA in Sustainable Design / MCAD (2015)

Shanna Ruyle is an Art Director and Graphic Designer helping local, national and global companies amplify their products, services and messages through design and discover sustainable opportunities within their offerings and processes. Shanna thoroughly enjoys untangling the complex and exploring ways to bridge important technical, expert-level insights in a way that everyone can access and benefit from them. Passionate about education and community, Shanna teaches art, creativity, sustainability and design to students of all ages, helped found a public charter school and served as a board member for a non-profit that supports life-long learning opportunities. Shanna expresses herself through painting and is an aspiring permaculture practitioner. You will likely find her in nearby wildlife refuges gathering inspiration or strategically planning her next plant guild. Shanna holds an Honors BFA in Graphic Design from Oregon State University, a PDC—Permaculture Design Certificate, and graduated from MCAD with a Masters in Sustainable Design in 2015. Shanna is based in Oregon.

Thesis title:

Connecting Design to Global Sustainable Goals through Local Communities: Method for creating global, sustainable impact with design through work with a local entity.