Shaun LaRose

BS Organizational Management | Covenant College | 2009

Shaun is a 45year old artist, designer, educator and blah blah blah. his favorite thing to cook is green curry, specifically the recipe from the movie Chef! He’s a coffee addict, and lover of story. Best shows this year? Definitely “the Bear” hands down! He has been to 17 different countries, in which one of those Queen Elizabeth II almost ran me over in a green Jaguar. He once travelled 3 days without food across 3 countries just to get my favorite dish, a steak and ale pie, at an inconspicuous tavern in Windsor England. One of my heroes is Neri Oxman. She is a pioneer and trailblazer in the cross pollination of art, nature and systems design. Shaun is passionate about the power of design. He says, “we have made a mess of our world, as humans do. We have to design our way out of it. And we can! Nature has everything to teach us about systems, balance, chaos and order, growth and deconstruction. Life is a breath, and I hope to use what I have left to contribute what I can to make a small difference where I am able.”