Solomon Sanchez

BFA in sculpture | Corcoran College of Art and Design (2002)

Solomon graduated from the original Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2002 with a BFA in sculpture. He then spent years in the art exhibition world as an artist assistant, art preparator, framer, indy curator, and coordinator, all the while trying to emerge as an artist himself, showing with non-profits like Transformer and the W/PAC. He has always been drawn to minimalism, modernist design, loves efficiency, multi tools, and anything transformative. His work has been called site specific interventionism, maximizing the impact of his art by utilizing the time and space of where and when he does his projects, creating a seamless transition between art and reality with minimal use of materials.

Looking to broaden his horizons, he spent 6 years marketing and creating a progressive identity for a cultural mission in public relations at a foreign embassy. Since then he’s taken a stab at product development, and creative direction for a small start up.

He is a DJ’s DJ and loved to play dance music for 20 years before the pandemic.

Recently he had the opportunity to be a stay at home dad. He dived right in and has been creating an everlasting bond with his daughter and is eager to get the world back on track for her and her children.