Tica Lubin

COBA in Fine Arts and Environmental, Organismic and Population Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder / 1992

Tica Lubin earned a BA in Fine Arts and Biology from CU Boulder. Moving to NYC after college she completed a certificate in Botanical Illustration at the New York Botanical Gardens and embarked on a career in museum exhibit design, fabrication, content creation at the American Museum of Natural History. She was instrumental in starting The Discovery Museum in Reno where she helped to raise funds for the project and lead the exhibit development process.  She has continued on as a museum consultant, researcher, writer, illustrator and content developer as well as started her own graphic design company. Her passion still lies in telling stories about and creating awareness of environmental issues through her art and design projects.

Tica hopes to bring her passions to the world of sustainable design by exploring how to help large companies practice better design or encouraging new companies with forward thinking ideas to bring their goods to the marketplace.  She enjoys spending her free time traveling to experience new environments and cultures and exploring the outdoors in the Lake Tahoe area where she lives with her friends, family, and dogs. She looks forward to meeting other creatives with similar passions to further explore new ideas!