Spotlight on Sustainable Design

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As designers, we understand that design has the inherent power to transform our behaviors and to shape our culture. It is why we have both a responsibility and a tremendous opportunity to use that power to ignite change and to communicate the importance of sustainability to individuals, corporations, society, the environment and ourselves.

In recognition of excellent sustainable and socially responsible design work occurring around the world, the AIGA (Re)designAwards honor designers, educators and students that use their creative influence to make a positive impact on our environment and society. This national design competition shines a spotlight on design that challenges us to rethink the world and our choices.

In 2013, AIGA Minnesota will host the national (Re)designAwards. We need a cadre of volunteers to organize and mount this important event featuring sustainable design from across the country. Started in 2009 by AIGA Colorado and hosted by AIGA Los Angeles in 2011, it’s AIGA Minnesota’s time to shine.

Become a part of this stellar awards competition and gala event and share your passion for sustainability and socially responsible design. Join us for our kick-off meeting on Monday, July 16 from 7–8:30 pm at the International Market Square (IMS), Conference room B and learn how you can get involved. (IMS is located at 275 Market Street, Minneapolis, MN 55405)

Please RSVP for the kick-off meeting to Lisa Valley at [email protected]. An AIGA membership is required to participate on the committee.

For questions about the (Re)designAwards or other ways to get involved, contact Amy Dritz at [email protected]

Amy Dritz

Amy is a creative professional who advocates for deeper design thinking. She has a natural curiosity about the world and how things work, and tries to understand any problem from multiple viewpoints. She is cofounder and design partner at Humbleweed Creative, helping eco-minded organizations to stand out and connect with their audiences through creative communications and design. Before joining Humbleweed Creative, she worked for many years in the public sector using her visual design and communication skills to engage people in activities and lifestyle choices that she feels passionate about: green spaces, nature conservancy, sustainable transportation, and healthy, livable communities. Amy has been an advocate for sustainability in the workplace, her community, and the profession of graphic design. She has served as Associate Director of Sustainable Design for AIGA Minnesota, and Chair of the 2013 AIGA (Re)Design Awards. She also coauthored Ecosketchbook: Design for Sustainability (2017). Amy graduated from MCAD with a MA in Sustainable Design in 2014. Amy is based in Minnesota.

Thesis Title: Closing the Sustainability Gap: The emerging role of sustainable graphic designer